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There is an error in the display options of 1920 x 1080 I cannot run it for Android and what I have to do or is this locked

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The main character looks like a meathead Guy Pearce. Also, I can't tell you how many of these visual novels I've played now but so many of them use the word "glans" (including this one) and I doubt actual people say that. Still, it's an entertaining VN so far.

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hi can you compress the android version and add  persistent save feature ?

I'll look into it. Unfortunately, Chapter VIII isn't compressed yet, but I'll start dealing with the issue in Ch.IX and hopefully, be able to reduce the size quite significantly.

ok thanks and what about persistent save feature for android?

Great game especially the graphics although the starting two hours get a bit boring so ppl might quit then but if u keep playing it its quite addictive and amazing game

How do I continue from where I left of in VI? I tried to transfer the save folder from VI to VII but that didn't work

You don't have to copy saves from chapter to chapter. It finds them automatically. Open Chapter VII and go straight to loading the game. All of your saves (from previous chapters) should be there.

I was sure that I did save in chapter VI, but I don't got any saves in any of the chapters. Guess I'll have to replay it...

Thx for a great game tho

I'm gonna be honest, the first 2 Hours or so I thought this was boring as hell. Now I've been playing this game for like 9 Hours straight, it's safe to say that it got better. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if I play it again sometime. Nice work

I can't install it


I downloaded the game yesterday on my galaxy s10 and when it gets to the part of putting in a name my keyboard comes up as normal but when I hit enter it does nothing so I can't get past the naming screen at the start. Is there anyone else that's experienced this or knows what to do about it?


I've seen comments about the game not working on some Android devices. I made an "Enter" button, so you won't get stuck anymore trying to type the name. It will be available in Chapter 7  on the 15-20th of March for 10$+ Patrons or at the end of the month here. Sorry for any inconveniance.

download swiftkey keyboard app , it will solve that issue 

I´m a little confused. The download and the Patreon  pages only mentions chapter 5. 

I´m not interested in jumping into the middle of something and I have no clue whatsoever if this is a complete bundle or if I would be missing the previous parts.

Don't worry! It means you're getting access to Chapters 1-5. :)

Amazing work my friend!

You're very talented!

Keep doing your thing man!


Thank you so much! :)

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When are we gonna get chapter VI??

Can't wait for it!

It's still in the making! It should ready and available for 10$+ Patrons between 10th - 15th February, so you could expect it here by the end of the month. :)